This is such a fantastic project, showcasing the abundance of heritage and history that Fermanagh has to offer. It has been such a rewarding project to work on. Some of favourite objects feature in this section, including the magnificent Corrard Torc and Reyfad Rock Art.

Fermanagh: a story in 100 objects

These are the ten objects that have been chosen to represent the story of prehistory in Fermanagh.

1. Stone Macehead found in Lisgoole/Drumsna

National Museums Northern Ireland

Maceheads are commonly found in Megalithic tombs, water channels and bogs. It is thought that they were crafted for ritual purposed and were used ceremonially. This macehead is beautifully carved from quartzite and is one of the most ornate maceheads to be found in Ireland, rivaled only by the macehead discovered at Knowth in Co. Meath.

Researcher: Professor Gabriel Cooney

Copyright National Museums Northern Ireland Copyright National Museums Northern Ireland

2. Rock Art in Reyfad

In situ in Reyfad, Boho

Rock art is one of the most ancient artforms and is said to predate the artwork seen at neolithic passage tombs; such as Newgrange. The Reyfad rock art is spread across five large boulders and is made up of cup and ring marks and crosses.

Researcher: Christiaan Corlett

Reyfad Stone FS NIEA copyright 2 Copyright…

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