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So I am finally making my return to blogging this week. As part of my new years resolution I have vowed to put aside more time for blogging and sharing my cultural adventures. As my current work position involves a huge amount of blogging and maintaining a blog, I have found myself less inclined to write when I get home, excuses I know but sometimes it is hard to do something that reminds you so much of work. However I really enjoy sharing with people the places that I visit and experience and will be posting about a few of the places that I have had the pleasure of visiting over the last few months.

My new aim is to try to visit something of cultural of historic significance once a week to help to enrich my mind and also add some much needed inspiration into my life. Over the last two weeks I have managed to visit two very different castles, Castle Saunderson which lies on the border between County Cavan and County Fermanagh and Malahide Castle in Dublin. I am going to blog about both these beautiful sites separately as they deserve the space to allow me to elaborate on their history and significance. Castle Saunderson for instance is in my home county and I have been reading quite a lot about it’s history recently and feel it warrants it’s own space to shine. Other places that I have been to visit in recent months include the ever exciting Belfast, where I took the opportunity to explore the Ulster Museum. I have been to the Ulster Museum many times before, but there is always something new and intriguing that catches my eye.

In November I went on holiday to Berlin and was blown away by the history and heritage of this stunning city. The tumultuous past of the city is ever present and you can’t help but see how this beautiful city has been affected by it’s harrowing past. A visit to a city wouldn’t be complete without at least one museum visit and on this trip I managed to fit in two wonderful institutions that I will delve into when I blog about my trip.

There have been other sites that I have visited along the way and will be sure to share as many of my experiences as possible. My work with the Fermanagh A Story in 100 Objects project has been so enriching and has inspired me to learn more about my home county. I am now actively trying to get involved in the promotion of the heritage of County Cavan and will be sure to share all my experiences along the way. In the meantime I will be sharing some of the fantastic work that has been done through the Fermanagh 100 project. Hope you enjoy.