New blog post from the #fermanagh100 project. I co-wrote this one with the museum conservator Colin Fawcett.

Fermanagh: a story in 100 objects

The Molaise Shrine or the Soiscél Molaise is an 8th Century reliquary bronze box. It has links to Devenish Island in lower lough Erne. St Molaise founded a monastery on Devenish and spent the remainder of his life there. His fame spread throughout Ireland and he is reputed to have been visited by many kings. The box is sheathed in openwork plates of silver which date mainly to the 11th century. There is an inscription within that says that it was redecorated under the direction of Cennefaelad, who was abbot of Devenish from 1001 to his death in 1025. The shrine depicts images of a cross with panels which are interlaced with animals and symbols of the evangelists. A figure on the back panel is possibly a representation of Saint Molaise. ( see An Archaeological Survey of County Fermanagh Vol 1 Part 2 by Clare Foley and Ronan…

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