New project I am working on with Fermanagh County Museum.

Fermanagh: a story in 100 objects

I started my position in Fermanagh little over a week ago now and I have to say I already feel at home in my role. Not only was everyone very welcoming and friendly but with the setting of working in a castle, you couldn’t ask for more. For my part of the project I have been hired as a Freelance Consultant to carry out documentation and research. I love working freelance as you get the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and in a multitude of places.

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The project as it has been outlined is such an interesting and exciting one. I have followed and purchased both the British Museum’s ‘History of the World in 100 Objects‘ and Fintan O’Tooles ‘History of Ireland in 100 Objects‘ and devoured both. I find…

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