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Finally getting back to blogging this week. My short leave of absence was due to the complete overload of work that I have been doing recently on getting my consultancy business up and running. Deciding to become a freelance heritage consultant was the easy bit, actually deciding on what services I would offer, rates, hours of work etc was all new territory for me. Luckily since I started I have been pretty busy writing articles and running education programmes so there is not a lot to complain about.

One thing that was rather difficult was setting up my website. I was fortunate in that I had a friend who was a web designer so he was able to do all the difficult things like creating the layout and write the coding-whatever that is!! The text and content was all down to me. Now usually I am a huge fan of writing and rarely struggle with having to write up a short piece of text but this was different. Having to write about myself and sell myself was not something that I  was familiar or comfortable with. I can’t tell you the amount of times I rewrote my bio and still now when I look at it I want to change minor details. I often wonder how people are able to sell themselves and in many ways brag about their achievements but when you are your business that is exactly what you have to do. What you can offer your client is what you are and you have to make sure that they believe in your service and ultimately want to buy what you are selling. Needless to say after many hours staring at the screen and countless rewrites I launched my website. I have to say I am really pleased with the finished product and hopefully others will be too and the work will come flooding in.

This is the link for my website, any feedback is always welcome. 🙂


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Wilson Higgins Heritage Consultancy

In the meantime normal service has resumed on blogging with a few coming up in the next few days on recent projects that I have worked on.