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On February 8th 2014 NI & ROI Museum Professionals Network organised their first #drinkingaboutmuseums event. Mairead and I as co-founder of the network were conscious that there was a present need for an event where people from the sector could meet up and discuss ideas, share their work and generally talk all things museums!

For the event we had over 30 members that made the trip into Befast city to partake off the festivities. The drinking about museums concept is not a new one and we are taking our lead on this from the many organisations worldwide that have been undertaking these events in recent years. We had seen how popular they had been and being that they are easy to organise we thought we would give it a go.

We were delighted with the turn out and the feedback has been fantastic. Everyone felt that they benefited from attending and most importantly enjoyed themselves. There is no better way to talk about the things we are passionate about than over a nice glass of wine in a lively pub. I myself met many people that I would be eager to work with in the future. I left the event with lots of new ideas and plently of advice on how I can move forward on projects I am developing. 

After the event a few of us headed to the Belfast Barge for a late night ‘Floating Speakeasy’ a disco on a boat. It was such a novelty to be partying on a barge and one that I would definitely like to repeat. The barge has a fantastic venue and ample space for holding events and parties. We will definitely be keeping this venue in mind for future events. 

Overall I really enjoyed the day and was delighted with how much everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Already Mairead and I have been inundated with requests to hold more events. Positive feedback like this really showcases how important the network is and how much it has done in bringing people together and creating links in the sector. Our next drinking about museums event will be held in Dublin and we are already looking forward to it.