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 After creating the network site NI and ROI Museum Professionals Network, it became necessary to organise an informal networking event for some members of the network to get the opportunity to meet up and share ideas and skills. Organising an event has proved to be quite time consuming and slightly stressful.

I think the main thing that has become apparent is that co-running events and the network with someone else means that not only do Mairead and I have to make time to organise things but we also need to devote time to discussing things with each other and making sure we are both on the same wave length. Luckily enough as we are both quite similar in our approach so we rarely differ on anything major. We have become quite familiar with skype dubbing our conversations; ‘executive meetings’, although the quantity of time that is actually spent organising things seems to be rather less than the time spent chatting and as many men would call it –gossiping!! Living so far from each other has meant that we are in constant contact trying to pin down decisions and dates. With all that being said organising the event has still proved a lot of fun and a fantastic learning curve for us.

The first thing that struck us was that people are so generous with their time, anyone we contacted regarding the event was more than happy to give up their time for free for us. This is a credit to the heritage sector in Ireland, the established professionals within the sector are so encouraging and are more than keen to share their knowledge and experience with up and coming professionals. We have been so lucky with all the advice and help we have received with organising this event.

From previous conferences and seminars, Mairead and I had managed to build up a small network of people we knew within the sector, this proved invaluable when trying to decide what to do and where to have our first event. One of the first contacts we made was Jenny Papassotiriou from Dublin Castle, Jenny has been a fantastic contact and was delighted to be asked to get involved in our event. We have been able to call on Jenny on a number of occasions for help and advice and I hope that this working relationship and friendship continues for years to come. I think once we all went for ice cream together that our friendship was set in stone!

dublin castlehttp://www.dublincastle.ie/

The other people that have been kind enough to give up their time are Jessica Baldwin, Conservator at The Chester Beatty Library http://www.cbl.ie/view-from-chester-b-library

Sarah Costigan; Director of Development

at The Little Museum of Dublin http://www.littlemuseum.ie/

and Grainne Finn, Creator of Stroll with Me Tours.  https://www.facebook.com/StrollWithMeTours?fref=ts  @StrollWithMeDub

The interest in the event has been amazing and we have been delighted with the amount of people that have booked to attend. Our event runs this coming weekend, 12th and 13th of October 2013 and I have to say I could not be more excited.

The day’s activities look interesting and exciting with an added splash of fun. Even if I hadn’t been involved in the planning of the event I would still be eager to attend. Creating the network has been so rewarding and I am hoping that this event will be the start of many more to come. I will blog about the event next week and report on all its successes and failures although to be honest I am hoping that it will be more success than anything else.

You can see the eventbrite entry for the event below. For those who want to follow on with the fun on twitter I will be tweeting all weekend from @niroimusnet and @daniellewhiggins

Roll on the weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Network Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/groups/629541437074026/