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I felt I should start this post by introducing the co-creator and co-founder of the NIROIMuseumProfessionalsNetwork, Mairead Quinn. Mairead and I both completely the MA in Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies through University of Ulster back in 2011. Over many all nighters in the library and a handful of minor ‘breakdowns’/panic attacks the bonds of friendship were formed. Since then we have both stayed within the heritage sector however on very different paths, I being a museum nerd and Mairead more focused on community engagement and intercultural dialogue through heritage.

We both are very focused on establishing ourselves in the sector and so attend every conference and seminar we possible can. As many of you know going to conferences and networking can be a difficult and confidence crushing experience, so we were always very lucky to have each other for support. It was through these experiences that we came up with the idea for the network, which I will delve further into in the next entry.

In short this post is merely to acknowledge Mairead’s role in establishing the network and her help in my career as she will be a recurring character in my blog and also may feature in the odd photograph! Mairead has just started a PhD in UU through Museum Studies so unfortunately could not devote any time to a blog herself. The responsibility for blogging about the network has been solely placed in my hands. A wise decision? Only time will tell. 🙂